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They are built and nurtured.

Raunaval Oy – Marine Cluster Partner

Raunaval is a Finnish company founded in 2023 that specializes in providing employees for expert and installation tasks. Our target group is especially the maritime industry and maritime cluster companies.

Our goal is to connect jobs and employees to the growing manning needs of the maritime industry, and we offer labor related to technical tasks, whether it is a longer-term personnel need or a gig job.

Work items can include, for example, docking of ships, system commissioning tasks, and installation and dismantling of systems and equipment.

In the maritime industry, the rapidly growing need for workers can be targeted with a good network and business cooperation. We know the needs of the industry very well, which enables good recruitment. This is how we are involved in supporting our customers’ business.

Our main idea is to serve our customers and employees so well that cooperation is perceived as added value.

“Raunaval Oy is a community of the best employees and experts in the field. We hope to be the most reliable personnel partner in your working life, whether you need high-quality personnel services, qualified employees or interesting jobs.

We bring a piece of our values to every encounter with you: customer orientation, the key to successful cooperation, and stepping stones to joint profitable growth.”

– Markus Vitikkala

Company Personnel

Markus Vitikkala

Master of Mechanical and Marine Engineering
Master Marine Electrician
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Markus has worked on ships as an electrician and machinist as well as in versatile propulsion equipment maintenance tasks in different parts of the world.

You learn to know your limits and yourself best by going out of your comfort zone. Finland’s maritime cluster is relatively small and there is a dire shortage of professionals, so the best maritime reward is a job well done.

Kimmo Kauko

Maritime Engineering
Master Engineer
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Kimmo has worked versatilely as a master machinist in power plant maintenance tasks and in the shipyard industry.

Finding a job requires not only technical skills but also self-confidence, courage and perseverance. The strengths of the actors should be able to be mirrored from the perspective of the labor market and the companies and other employees operating there.

Jarno Laine

Master of Electrical Power Engineering
Master Ship Electrician
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Jarno has worked in a variety of different maintenance positions, for example, from maintenance mechanic to automation installer and maintenance unit manager. Currently, in addition to his teaching work, he is also the CEO and expert of N-Tech Oy.

Working as an expert in an international environment is often teamwork. Constantly changing technical requirements increase the need for experts and keep them busy. Cooperation between companies also forms expert networks, through which the management of large entities and change management becomes easier. Nowadays, it is not the most important thing to know everything yourself, but to know where to get information. “The one knowing what is profitable, and not the man knowing many things, is wise.” – Aeschylus


We bring modernity to the marine industry
a way to implement entities.

We are proud that our service promise
is fulfilled in every collaboration and project.

A traditional part of industry
face the modern way to succeed

We offer comprehensive recruitment services covering the entire sea cluster for your company:

  • Dock industry workers, electrical and mechanical installation professionals
  • Marine industry experts for production, assembly, planning, project supervision
  • Help with recruiting for your company
    Recruitment of shipping companies

We make our competence
available to your company

Knowledge of the operating environment of the industry improves the customer’s business, and helps your company succeed in projects. We know how to connect the best authors and employers from a wide network.

The company can effectively focus on its core business. We act as a genuine part of the project in all matters throughout the employment relationship.

Your partner in the marine industry
from here to the future.

Design Escapes

Raunaval offers Rauma industrial competence for the needs of the shipyard and maritime industry as well as for the recruitment of your company and shipping companies with extensive and wide experience.

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